The real state of affairs in the electric segment

The real state of affairs in the electric segment


At the moment, we are facing great difficulties in reducing greenhouse gases and creating a more environmentally friendly transport infrastructure. Several famous people have assessed our current status in terms of electric personal transport and results in the industrial sector as well as in the business districts.

The European Union aims to reduce emissions by 78 percent by 2035. There are attempts to accelerate the electric revolution, and there are some positive results, as the percentage of people who are switching to electric transport is growing.

The ANFIA (Italian Association of the Automotive Industry) Federation, ANIE Federation and the Italian Association of Bicycle and Motorcycle Manufacturers (ANCMA) Federation, the Department of Economics and the University of Ferrara have assessed the current state of the industry.

In the end, they assessed how much the modern economy depends on electric transport versus ICE and how much the percentage has grown. The report says that manufacturers have increased the percentage to 24%, while suppliers and services that serve electric vehicles have raised the percentage of electricity to 25 percent.

The study involved 122 companies that supply both traditional and electric vehicles and everything related to them. I wanted to know the general state and involvement of the industry, in general, in the electric segment.

30 percent of businesses believe that not very transparent political rules and programs make it difficult, slow down the transition. 29% are concerned about asset liquidity, and 13% believe the industry lacks skilled workers to make the leap forward and make the transition faster. Currently, 94 percent of businesses are already investing in electric vehicle production lines and educational programs.

Based on the research results, the committee will prepare various solutions to prepare for electrification: training programs for new employees, support from administrations, funding.

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