The record holder for unpaid traffic fines SDA seized Range Rover!

The record holder for unpaid traffic fines SDA seized Range Rover!


147 unpaid fines in the amount of about 130 thousand hryvnia were collected by the owner of Range Rover from Kiev. Police and executive services found the SUV and seized it.

“147 (!) unpaid fines in the amount of about UAH 130 thousand. and a speed of 167 km / h. With such indicators, the “palm” in the capital is confidently held by the owner of the car in the video. After paying all the fines and costs of the GIS, the owner will be able to return his car and, I hope, will reconsider his attitude towards the Law, ”Deputy Justice Minister Andriy Gaychenko said on Facebook.

Published by Andriy Gaychenko Thursday 18 November 2021

In just two days, employees of the executive service and police in Kiev seized 7 cars from “system violators” who allow significant speeding in the city.

Let us remind you that we are talking about a joint project of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to restore order on the roads of the country after resonant accidents in Kharkov. The police and the State Executive Service systematize information about drivers who often violate the rules and at the same time refuse to pay fines.

Attention is paid to cars with marks of exceeding the speed of 150 km / h in the city. The police find the cars of the violators, the GIS officers arrive at the scene and seize the car.

The initiative started two weeks ago in Kharkov and has recently expanded to Kiev. Next in line are Dnipro and Odessa.

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