The reincarnation of the BMW Isetta will be a buggy for 12 thousand euros

The reincarnation of the BMW Isetta will be a buggy for 12 thousand euros


BMW Isetta is a very small German car, which appeared in 1955. Now this model was a successor. New electric car called Micro-Mobility Microlino 2.0.

Electric Microlino 2.0 is able to overcome 200 km on a single charge, but battery capacity has not yet revealed.

The Swiss company Micro-Mobility plans to sell Microlino 2.0 2021 at a price of 12 thousand euros. The most interesting part of the new design done in a retro style based on the legendary BMW Isetta.


This compact car mid-last century, notable not only for its unusual appearance. Using it in the sixties concerned the Germans managed to rescue the citizens from the Soviet occupied part of Berlin.

May 23, 1963 Claus Jacobi Gunter helped his friend to escape from East Germany with the help of the smallest car BMW, which was later repeatedly saved people from the Communist hell.

Jacobi with their hands modified purchased less than 2000 marks (about $ 1,100 today) Isetta to the inside of the car to hide his friend Manfred and fire to take out the Berlin wall.

It should be noted that this model was not chosen by chance. It was assumed that the guards will not suspect hidden in a “bubble” of a living person. They, with predilection studied larger vehicle for “illegally” leaving the regime of citizens. Every such offender, at best, was threatened with prison.

For the RAID was fitted the engine compartment, located behind the backs of two chairs. To make room for his friend, Klaus-Gunther Jacobi refused the “extra” items like air filter, changed the location of some components and reduced the fuel tank.


The difficult task was carried out brilliantly. Despite the fact that the guards carefully studied the car Jacoby. On this occasion, BMW even produced a symbolic artistic movie, which reflects the events experienced (it can be found doscroll to the end of the page). Only thus from East Berlin managed to take 9 people, while the Communists did not disclose the scheme.

Returning to the Micro-Mobility Microlino 2.0, is to wish the project success. After all, a car like the BMW Isetta, should be a modern successor.

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