The renaming KIA Optima: K5 – and K5 America

The renaming KIA Optima: K5 – and K5 America


In the United States KIA Optima – the second most popular Korean brand car (96 623 sold cars in 2019). Just ahead of pyatidverka Soul (98 033 pieces). And yet the Optima is not as good as the class leaders. The same Toyota Camry found last year 336 978 buyers, and Honda Accord and Nissan Altima – 267 567 183 and 209 of the vehicle, respectively. Maybe that’s why the Koreans plan to change the name of your model class D+? Optima has always been, and will be K5, as in the native market. At least on the website of the Agency for environmental protection United States has information about the sedan KIA K5 2021 model year.

But not only this interesting card models on the Agency’s website. While there is provided only one modification. This KIA K5 with a four-cylinder turbo engine Smartstream 1.6 T-GDI with a system of continuous change of the opening time of the valves Continuously Variable Valve Duration (CVVD). This unit equipped with the KIA K5 in South Korea, for example, Sonata in North America. Engine output 180 forces and 265 Nm, and it works in tandem with an eight “automatic”. Also on the K5 sedans to the States will be available all-wheel drive, which is the model before that never happened. The expected price of the basic version in the U.S. – about $24 thousand.

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