The Return of Countach: the first teaser of the novelty

The Return of Countach: the first teaser of the novelty


The press service of the Italian automaker has published a series of new teasers of the revived Lamborghini Countach supercar. One of them shows the V12 nameplate on the engine cover.

Earlier this week, Lamborghini announced that the iconic Countach supercar is back with a teaser for a revived version of the car, showing the car covered in a “sheet.” Today, the Italian automaker posted three new teaser images on Instagram that give us a first idea of ​​what we should expect from the car’s design. Three images show parts of the supercar, making it clear that it will have some retro styling.

The new teasers showcase a lot without revealing much of the car.

One image shows the gabled front end with the Countach badge, crafted in lower case on a thin radiator grille. The photo shows a massive bottom opening and a deep front splitter. The second teaser image gives us a peek inside the engine bay for a V12 engine with gold accents. It is unclear if this motor will come with an optional electric motor.

The last image shows the most Countach-like exterior detail we’ve seen so far – the engine air intake. The square shape of the air intake looks almost the same as on the original supercar. Directly in front of him is a black fuel tank cap. These are the first teasers to actually show us the car, and they look promising, confirming the wedge-shaped design mentioned in the teaser image.

Lamborghini hasn’t announced when it will unveil the new Countach. In an Instagram post, the company said we should “follow the news” to learn more about the new supercar. It is unclear if this will be a completely new model or not. However, this month’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will be the right place to unveil such a supercar.

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