The return of mandatory inspection: waiting for price drop on the car

The return of mandatory inspection: waiting for price drop on the car


In Ukraine continue to insist on the return of compulsory inspection of vehicles. And it can happen in the next year (previously the return was planned in 2022).

As told the TV channel “Ukraine 24” infrastructure Minister Vladislav Crickley, return STK is required for a number of reasons. Among them:

  • THE car is mandatory in the framework of the Association agreement with the EU;
  • it’s a matter of safety and environment.


The Minister stressed that the cancellation of checkup of cars (in 2011) was a mistake, in particular because the state was the less significant revenues.

Return, likely in stages.

Perhaps there will be a proposed gradual implementation, for example, starting with converted vehicles, those that are imported for the first time, cars, pre-owned, imported from abroad cars, checking every two years you’re gradually introduced to prepare the infrastructure environment, said Crickley.

Thus Crickley believes that in the current environment will be able to avoid the soil for bribes in order not to repeat the scheme when IT was carried out by the police. To solve this problem is by video inspection.


It should be noted that if Ukraine really will return the inspection, it will undoubtedly have an impact on the used car market. Now the state machinery is not controlled (the control occurs at the discretion of the owner) that gives you the opportunity to sell outright “stuff” for so little money. If WE return, many of these cars will not be able to pass it, and it is logical that when the original price, say, $ 4,000 a car will cost only $1000.

Do you think video recording will help to reduce corruption?

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