The sadness of “petrolheads”: Cayman and Boxster will become electric cars

The sadness of “petrolheads”: Cayman and Boxster will become electric cars


Talk that Porsche will turn the younger family of sports cars into electric cars has been going on for years. Actually, back in 2017, the manufacturer demonstrated the Cayman e-volution, but that was just a prototype on which the technologies, in particular the 800-volt architecture, were tested for the Taikan. Now we are talking about the future of production models.

Car and Driver, citing “sources inside and outside the company,” claims the battery-powered Porsche 718 will go on sale in 2024. As before, the lineup will include a coupe and a roadster, while in addition to rear-wheel drive modifications, all-wheel drive is planned – with an additional electric motor on the front axle. The Germans are not afraid of internal competition with the Porsche 911: the senior sports car allegedly will not lose its internal combustion engine until at least the end of the decade, it may not even become a hybrid.

The design of the new Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster will be made in the style of the Mission R concept presented this month, although all racing “excesses” from road cars, of course, will be removed. In general, the outlines will remain roughly the same as they are now, but the face section will be redesigned in the spirit of the Taycan.

The technical basis of electric sports cars will be a shortened version of the PPE platform, which Porsche is currently developing in cooperation with Audi for several families of models with different body types. The use of this architecture will keep the weight of the two doors at the level of 1655 kg. By comparison, even the lightest Taikan has a curb weight of over 2.1 tons. In terms of the range of the new Cayman and Boxster, the manufacturer is targeting a minimum figure of 250 miles (about 400 km). As is the case with other models, Porsche is not striving for record-breaking range, preferring to rely on improved charging efficiency.

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