The seven-seat Renault Triber officially enrolled in all dealerships

The seven-seat Renault Triber officially enrolled in all dealerships


The model has been sent to all dealerships of the brand in India. Model Renault Triber is almost indistinguishable from the Datsun Cross, with the exception of the logo mark on the body and the wheel. Off-road kompakten have learned a lot from the Japanese bestseller, and the probability of success.

The Frenchman topped fellow in width 100 mm and length – 186 mm. due to the size, Triber has ample interior, more convenient. First three rows of seats-7 seats does not cut the amount of Luggage. At least a couple of bags after shopping. The undoubted advantage is the capacity to 625 litres.


Appearance Renault Triber attractive, stylish and catchy. Attracts the attention of the original configuration of the daytime running lights. Characteristic for the French grille. In the lower part of the body is placed around the protective plastic body kit. Bumper pads are present. Naturally not left without attention to the wheel arches and increased ground clearance.

Buyers in India Renault Triber offered with a 3-cylinder liter engine with 73 HP. the Engine is aggregated with a mechanical transmission or robot. Drive only the front. All-wheel drive Renault announced never for such a vehicle. Equipment is also good, with the exception of the two available air bags. Set of four in the database would be enough, at least.

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