The share of electric trains in China accounted for half of global sales

The share of electric trains in China accounted for half of global sales


Sales of battery vehicles in the People’s Republic of China reached 47 percent of global sales, reported. These include both hybrid and pure electric vehicles.

The total number of electric vehicles sold in the first six months of this year was 2.35 million units. This figure is 165 percent higher than last year’s results. Of course, most of the cars were sold in China, but it is interesting that the current share was lower than in 2019, when the PRC accounted for 51% of sold battery cars.

The results could not but play the global pandemic that brought down the markets last year. Currently, companies have to recover from a total drop in sales. And so far, the revival is proceeding at a very decent pace, and the global update of the model range has to be very timely.

Another problem that emerged from the global pandemic was the shortage of chips. Some companies have already expressed the opinion that having solved this problem, the production of hybrids and electric vehicles would only increase, and radically. For example, the Stellantis concern was missing 700 thousand cars, among which there could be many battery models. At the same time, the international holding managed to significantly surpass last year’s production figures. This may directly indicate that China’s share in world sales could have been much higher.

At the moment, some manufacturers are expanding the production of batteries and chips. So in the near future we can expect the end of the already protracted shortage of basic components, and the exit to stable and steady growth.

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