The show car Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR trusted organic battery

The show car Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR trusted organic battery


The name AVTR, on the one hand, refers to the movie Avatar, which inspired the creators of the concept. On the other, the acronym stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation – advanced transformation of the machine when the “merger” with the owner and nature. “Organic” design language called One Bow.

Instead of another EQ car company Mercedes-Benz has unveiled at the CES show divorced from reality the concept of Vision AVTR. Electric UAV “indicates far into the future” to “awaken our imagination, as do a good sci-Fi movies”. One of the main inventions – a revolutionary technology of organic batteries based on graphene. The battery capacity of 110 kWh deprived of a rare, toxic and expensive elements (Nickel, cobalt), charged in 15 minutes and always ready to be recycled. The reserve is more than 700 km.

Roll-up doors there, they’re just transparent. Aft placed 33 “bionic” valve: they make the car look like a live creature, and can “communicate with the driver through the natural flowing movements”. The valves are “neuromorphic hardware”, is powered by solar panels.


For start it is enough to put your hand on the block, symbolizing the “tree of souls” from the movie Avatar. Data is projected on the body or hand of the driver or passenger. The salon is decorated in ecological materials: the seats are covered in Dinamica microfibre and half “innovation tree” Karuun, which is made of rattan in Indonesia.

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Electric car recognizes the driver and passengers “breathing” (sets of biometric close the connection), and then monitors their emotional state (in case of stress). Four motor system EQ Power located near the wheels provide more 350 kW (476 HP). Each wheel can be controlled separately, making Vision AVTR is able to move sideways, performing “the movement of a crab” at an angle of 30 degrees… Stays happy for Mercedes, who now can afford speculative concepts.

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