The smallest and most reliable Lexus: the first image

The smallest and most reliable Lexus: the first image


The popularity of compact SUV models haunts premium automakers. One of them is Lexus, which is preparing several subcompact crossovers at once. They plan to sell them both in Japan and Europe.

The first new subcompact to be located in the inexpensive SUV segment will be a SUV up to 4 meters long. Its exact name is not yet known, but most likely it will be a revised version of the Toyota Aygo X.

The subcompact will be based on the TNGA-B (Toyota New Global Platform) modular platform.

Independent designers from the Japanese portal “BestCarWeb” have already created a computer render of the novelty (title image), judging by which the car will receive a design in the style of the 2015 Lexus LF-SA concept. The serial version should be 5-door and get a body kit made of unpainted plastic around the perimeter of the body.

The aggregate range of such a crossover is still unknown. However, one of the options can be a hybrid based on a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder internal combustion engine.

It’s too early to talk about prices, but a Japanese source calls the amount a little over 2 million yen, or $ 17,500 at the current exchange rate.

The timing of the appearance of the new low-cost Lexus crossover has not yet been determined. The technical characteristics of the model will be revealed closer to its premiere.

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