The Smartest Smart Car!

The Smartest Smart Car!


Here’s the link for the Need for Speed Heat Studio app 👉 Thrilled to be a #EAambassador for #NFSHeat! Can’t wait to see your designs on Insta, don’t forget to tag! 😘In this vid we take a look at the future of the Smart Car. The idea is people will use them as sharing cars in future, so they’ve come up with some pretty nifty little ideas when it comes to being comfortable with a complete stranger. Check this out!Thanks for watching always fam xoAlex

what’s up guys that Super Cup Lundy just before we get to the car I have an exciting announcement I’ve partnered up with EA for their new global launch of the game Need for Speed heat it’s gonna be awesome so it’s launching globally on November the 8th for you and I can celebrate earlier on the 5th in Miami here is what you need to do just download the need for speed heat studio app the link is in the description underneath this video so just hit that and download it straight away it is free you’re good to go and then start designing a rap for the car I’m gonna be driving around in Miami how cool is that I cannot wait to see your designs so here it is here’s the studio app and you just pick any car and you start to design the rap so for example you’re going go into paint and you can just go for it just be as creative as you want and then once you’re happy with your rap make sure you go and take a picture of it photo and then do you want to save yes and then once that’s saved just upload it to either Instagram or Twitter and tag me at supercar blondie and tag at Need for Speed and hashtag and SS heat and you’re good to go I cannot wait to see your designs your rap could be on my car can not wait so this is gonna be epic alright let’s get straight to the car alright we have got a smart car the future of the smart car leads it on the channel today let’s get straight into it Sofia this is massive screen obviously and then what it’s going to show you is my name high supercar blondie because this is a ride-sharing car so when you hail it it’ll put your name on the front so you know which car is yours to come and pick you up or for example it will put your facebook profile photo on the front so you know which one is coming and then the other thing is with this screen you can communicate with pedestrians outside the car because of course when you’re driving and you stop it a pedestrian crossing you usually with your face to indicate whether or not they can cross right you just give them up off you go but this is fully autonomous so no one is there to indicate to pedestrians that they can walk ahead but the car here this week statue it’s an eye you see that again because they don’t have the face of a driver so they’ve made the car have kind of a pseudo face winks at you communicates with the people around the car this is pre frosted glass here but you can unfrosted ortus it’s the small things guys come on it’s kind of cool looks cool let’s do it again but this time in slow ok unfrosted boom let’s open her up see what’s happening inside now cuz it’s a ride-sharing car I think they’ve thought of something pretty cool here it’s hand sanitizer right so when you’re getting in you can sanitize your hands when you’re getting our sanitizer because of course you’ve got different people in the car all the time they’re thinking of the small things which i think is quite neat if you don’t know the person next to you then this can just come out and separate the two of you but if you know who you’re sharing with this can go back down again jump on in make sure to sanitize your hands yeah yeah okay let’s go for a drive I’m not driving it’s gonna drive me you’re in a glass bubble okay well it’s already going okay I wasn’t expecting that oh I forget now what I was gonna say I’m taking off God are these things here these can project movies onto the door or whatever you’d like to watch that this one projects to this door watch something as you drive this one projects onto this door okay it’s gonna Frost you are there you so now you can project what you want onto this door here this whole screen actually interacts with you and your passenger so what it does is it connects to your mobile phone and it recognizes what interests you have in common and it will only play for example the music that you both have on your phones so you’re not annoyed by a stranger’s music because you’re sharing not everyone wants to be getting around in an autonomous car but the reality is there are millions of people already using ride-sharing apps and ride-sharing cars there’s a big market for this in future all week thanks to you for watching please join my supercar blondie family hit the subscribe button we’ve got so much more to come right we’re out

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