The students were shown the draft of the electric vehicle from the waste

The students were shown the draft of the electric vehicle from the waste


The students of the Technical University of Eindhoven are preparing a prototype electric car made from recycled garbage. The body is to be manufactured of plastic, and the chassis is constructed of polymers and recycled aluminum. Material for car is calculated to produce among the wastes of ocean.

The authors of the project Luca believe that the successful production of the electric vehicle from recycled polymers will attract the attention of the industry to environmental issues and recycling. Students will try to make maximum use of recycled Theatre the University has agreed with the Israeli startup UBQ on the joint development of the body with the use of new materials and flax.

It is expected that twin city car will bring a two-wheel motor total power of 20 horsepower. The estimated autonomy of the new item is not disclosed; stocking charge will be six compact batteries. Ready electric car is planned to show six months later, and while the Dutch University shared computer images.


For its Eindhoven University of technology the project Luca – the sixth development of environmentally friendly cars. Three years ago, the band has released a biodegradable electric car Lina, which completed sea trials.

Concerned with the problems of environment and the Japanese research institutions: in October last year, the consortium of universities unveiled a prototype of a sports car with a body of cellulose nanofiber, which is five times stronger than steel and lighter.

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