The success of Tesla in China is not haunted by Polestar


This company born on the race track in Sweden, is going to open in China from 20 showrooms. This is part of the preparations before the start of the supply of electric sedans Polestar 2.

The Swedish company Polestar will bring to China its electric car Polestar 2, which will compete with the Tesla Model 3 – it comes off the Assembly line in China. To compete with the American automaker, the brand intends to significantly expand its network of dealers. Delivery Polestar 2 is scheduled for July.


Meanwhile, the company Polestar is only one salon in Beijing. But very soon their number will grow to 20. Most showrooms should earn already in the 3rd quarter of 2020. We know that the new showrooms Polestar will be placed immediately in 17 Chinese cities. Most often they will open in a shopping center.

Such a move by the Polestar is an important factor in competition between manufacturers of electric vehicles. For comparison, nowadays in China there are 50 showrooms “Tesla”.

Polestar unlike traditional car brands, is not going to use dealers for the realization of their machines. To sell its electric cars directly, he plans – as do Tesla, Nio and Xpeng.

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