The successor of the flagship sedan Cadillac CT6 will get an electric motor

The successor of the flagship sedan Cadillac CT6 will get an electric motor


The head of the American company told the journalists about the possibility of a receiver of a luxury sedan the Cadillac CT6. It is possible that we are talking about the electric car. The exact timing of the appearance of such a vehicle is not called.

Cadillac is facing a rapidly changing automotive market. Electric and Autonomous vehicles appear at a time when consumers continue to be interested in crossovers, SUVs and trucks. Cadillac hurried in order to meet the growing demand, introducing completely new representatives of these types of vehicle. In addition, the leadership of the brand decided to stop the production of the large luxury sedan the Cadillac CT6.

In a recent interview with Cadillac President Steve Carlisle, he was asked a couple of questions about the future CT6 models and its possible receivers.


Carlisle told the newspaper that if there will be a successor to the CT6, it is likely to be electric. According to the boss “Cadillac” for electric car future. The probability of a return CT6 in the near future seems unlikely. As sales of the model fell pretty hard lately.

More likely, the luxury sedan could return to the lineup of the brand over time as an electric vehicle. Just last week, Cadillac has announced not one, but two new electric car – Lyriq crossover and flagship sedan Celestiq.

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