The successor to Duster will retain the orientation and price tag

The successor to Duster will retain the orientation and price tag


Dacia Duster has always been in demand in Europe, guaranteeing local customers practicality, off-road performance and modern design at an affordable price.

The third generation B-SUV, slated to debut in 2025, will retain all of these benefits despite the inevitable electrification. Still, no one has canceled environmental requirements in the EU.

Dacia has declared its desire to continue selling ICE vehicles as long as possible before actively introducing PHEV and BEV technologies. Despite the emergence of the Spring, which is considered one of the most budgetary electric cars on the global market, the Romanian brand will present its debut seven-seat hybrid in 2023. Jogger will become a “donor” for him.

Duster was introduced in 2010, and the second generation fans of the brand had to wait until 2017. And in the same year, the cross was modernized in the middle of the cycle. This means that there are about three to four years left before the appearance of the completely new third-generation Duster, from about 2024 to 2025.

By then, the brand must have decided on the type of electrification so that the model can be submitted to the EU and the UK.

Earlier it was reported that the CMF-B architecture, which went to Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Jogger, is implemented on all Dacia models, including the newest Duster. This would open the door to new PHEV technology from Renault Captur E-Tech. A fully electric modification also has the right to life: such a cross can borrow the CMF-BEV platform from Renault 5. There is one catch with this architecture – it only supports front-wheel drive, but the manufacturer can upgrade it.

During the presentation of the revamped Duster, Julien Ferry told Autocar that the SUV’s successor will maintain “very good value for money” while meeting the needs of customers looking for a “simple car” with good off-road performance.

In the second half of next year, a larger crossover C-SUV will join Duster. This model was announced by the Bigster concept car. She will receive a stretched version of the CMF-B platform and will be the firstborn with the new Dacia logo.

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