The sun and the vehicle against COVID-19

The sun and the vehicle against COVID-19


There are numerous ways that allow you to disinfect the interior of the vehicle. For example, various alcohol solutions and sanitizer. However, scientists have found that Parking in the sun will cope with this task not worse.

Despite the fact that the highly heated interior of the machine is not the safest place for passengers, the highest temperature inside the car can contribute to the destruction of dangerous microorganisms, including pathogens COVID-19.


According to recent studies, the activity of a new type of coronavirus at a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius is about two weeks. At 35 degrees, such viruses are killed within two hours. If you heat the surface of the vehicle interior to a temperature of 55 degrees, the virus wouldn’t live for more than twenty minutes, and when heated to 70 degrees Celsius dangerous microorganisms can not live longer than five minutes.

When the outside temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, direct sunlight capable of an hour to heat the interior of a black car to 65 degrees. Machine white in color at the same time will heat up to approximately 45 degrees. Such temperature changes would be enough to for a short time to destroy coronavirus, for example, protective masks if you leave them on the dashboard.

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