The Super Rare Aston Martin Vulcan AMR!

The Super Rare Aston Martin Vulcan AMR!


I’m at Goodwood Festival of Speed getting to race in the super rare 830HP Aston Martin Vulcan AMR. Watch the W-Motors Fenyr here: Watch the Brabham here: The Apollo with Hammond & May will be released on August 20th!Follow me on:

my god here you go guys have you ever seen this before in the driver’s seat the vulcan AMR what’s up guys supercar blondie and we have the critical vote and AMR I’m just about to go up in this part and I am actually gonna get suited and routed so I’m gonna get a race suit on a helmet full kit to go up the hill if you don’t know what of the hill means if I didn’t have you eat to go either basically for all of these supercars and run or drive as fast as they can of a very narrow road all the way to the top thing this is where you can see almost 100% of the car bloggers around the world at this festival here in the UK right now sweet that’s what it’s called being in space small car festival easy look how officially is so he’s going to slide you know just my kid you know about race you’re not yeah the Catalan comments on the phone it’s half of being a racecar driver eventually it’s having a suit like that so why do you have to wear a race suit for this one she was in that she was in the Colleen and rolls-royce she didn’t have it’s only because he has a face peel tank any caliber he sees to light up and around is a lot more dangerous I catch on fire then you be smoking hot bought it these shoes are not the best shoes from racing go crazy buzz cause see carbon fiber in this color before what do you think can we hear the engine quickly actually we’ve just been operating in the Vulcan Amr take me around the car actually what sends up most obviously the main job right different an artist coming this is actually the the original car color behind here can you see that it’s like a green like a shiny green right and then you guys wrapped it yeah so we wrapped it in the line guys yeah and then you just spilled a bucket of paint basically yeah so 24 of these have been made ever yeah and when you order water we can actually opt into the any of our packages are right so when these cars were sold in 2015 as part of the car price three years training so we went around the world different circuits everyone surface so every customer had a personal private each back there yeah we start them off on wrote Ives lowbrow insane when everyone’s happy no raid and yeah yeah I just started like them minimum power which is what 500 just to gauge 500 yet Vermont making drivers they never do for a German anything that’s powerful need to build them up until I yeah okay can we have a look inside what’s cool about this car is that we just say it has a limiter so there are three different power levels you can put the car on so I start to 500 and then you can switch it up a little bit more then switch it up to the maximum power so let’s show you how if I can get it all the wheels on can’t get in this car before we look if you look at here right this is the the power I suppose limiter or yeah powering remotes to start the car we have to go to position 2 and then to turn the car off we go back to position one ok 3 power mode settings so 550 630 okay so we go straight to a pair all right of course okay yep and then power start button there it is yes would you keep it on normally in our breeze a good starting point okay trash control we just put it on zero just no traction yeah zero he’s off yeah we like no you can have it off for the start make some smoke and then maybe flicking to one or two on the way up around how many are setting color which is seven oh my god ego guys have you ever seen this before in the driver’s seat the vulcan AMR it’s a v12 I assume because this is a track rental car right you can convert it every hand if you really wanted to yes please how I to convert this to a road car how much were they going forward they initially were released and how much wood would you have to pay now in the tax and I was you know I think they’re now training so Wow it’s amazing isn’t it because your parents always tell you growing up don’t like our it’s a waste now it’s an investment exactly with the right car it’s an investment it’s like you could buy car or a house and actually this is probably more likely to increase in values and even a house because the house you don’t really know what’s happening at the property market down where is something like this you’re pretty much guaranteed if there are only 24 pieces Malins the car we’ve built the latest FIA safety regulations so it’s got fire extinguisher yep the latest seats very sturdy seats now these these seats are great because when you put your head fully back you can’t see your passenger so you don’t need to talk to me yeah it’s really like rap straight look it comes out further than than your head does this seat yeah but this is the fire extinguisher button right this one here kills the power okay if there’s any you know any dramas this one sets the fire extinguisher just an ignition on – that’s right and then just the start button here [Laughter] okay that’s it guys please like and subscribe I hope you’ve enjoyed this vlog on the at Moz bulk and I am off we’ll see you at the next car here at the festival speed thanks

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