The Supercar of Mexico – VUHL

The Supercar of Mexico – VUHL


This is the first Supercar of Mexico. Designed and Manufactured in Mexico. The VUHL.Follow me by:Dizaro – YouMakeMe

what’s up guys supercar blondie driving around in Mexico City in a Mexican made and designed supercar how amazing is it so this is the bull it’s the bull 0-5 model and it’s actually the first supercar in Mexico that has been designed and manufactured in Mexico so this is pretty cool to be able to see it up close so if you if you look at the name rule it actually stands for vehicle ultra-high performance and light weight you’ll notice there’s no steering wheel he doesn’t move for safekeeping cuz how you fill up the car so you just insert the key push it spin it around and then there’s your fuel tank in order to start the car this is like one of the coolest startup processes this is the master key so if it’s facing this way it’s like against the wind it means it’s off and then if it’s with the wind it’s now on so the master key is on that’s the first step to starting the car and then the second step is you’ve got a register the key so here’s the little thing here you’ll see it turned to green did you see that now it’s green so the car knows that I basically have the key with me and now it’s ready to just start up let’s put the wheel on first probably good idea so you just press this back and then you push it all the way down so it locks in place Hey okay so so you push this up and then the next thing is to stop on it it’s a manual which is pretty cool to grab and that’s how you start it up yeah it should be here it’s over right behind me it’s quite cool actually pretty good super-lightweight it’s like under 700 kilos and it goes like a rocket three point four second zero 200 300 horsepower which doesn’t seem like a lot but when you put it to a power weight ratio then we’re talking about something pretty impressive oh look there’s another ball beside us it’s attracting a lot of attention that’s for sure we’ve actually got bodyguards behind us when you’re driving something this special in Mexico City you’ve just got to be careful that you don’t attract the wrong sort of attention so we’ve got bodyguards behind us who’s making sure that we’re gonna be okay did you say the bulletproof window see house isn’t that crazy so he’s like extra utilities where no zipping bulletproof so it’s four-cylinder turbo a racecar that you can take on the road here’s the brake balance as well so right here on the this button here is the pitlane button so this controls the speed in the feed line this fresco and it all just hold Swizz Beatz titty maybe we can make it out of I think the red one is actually something quite a lot of attention but I like the color the color combo of the silver silver and orange that kind of sweet so this is one of the co-founders Iker there’s so much fun driving today so how many of these have actually been produced we’ve produced 25 for you yeah every car is this booked on the plate together with them so they get to choose the livery every detail is the same together work or how long does that process take it takes around four months yeah so if I want to put in my order today then month summer you’ll be funny usually if you’re stuck in traffic stop go stop go it’s annoying to be driving I know but it was so easy on the clutch really didn’t matter so what we need to do is actually take it exactly so this is like the basic oh no five version zero five version right then there’s two other versions so the next version is the growth rate of generators and then that you’ve got like the super extreme version the RR so when is that gonna come out we’ll see the first one er our Tony about this thing it’s two point seven hundred sixteen special gear box bottle it’s like the top edition in every sense Samara wheels seven seconds yeah we got to go and check out the carpet full carbon wheels back in the showroom that’s pretty cool they’re like the most lightweight at the moment in the world except in the carbon version it selects between your horn or converts amazing congratulations it really something special guys need to try it I will just turn it off but this is cool you can turn it off here or you can this one right or you can turn it off with the Masters with that’s for mother was it before my brother and myself have been in races all of our lives since I was three I was admitted in the track where they used to race for 45 years so I mean all my life opinion before bit can we just see the engine if we can just hope you see because what it’s designed to do really is when you’re on the track just the pieces can come apart really protected they take your takes it you can take off see they go one move and everything is made to stand on its own it’s night and again are tracking it’s not easy you miss it if you aren’t looking one second oh yeah that is that you can remove open the heart yeah and we’re supporting me you are avoiding the weight of the hinges yeah so the goal really is to make it as lightweight as post up right yeah so if you come around the over to the engine so this is actually an engine that somewhere else right it’s a crate engine we just buy and bolted to the car yeah with the idea of not having to be working when your engine every thousand months you know right so it’s and they have standard engine yeah from for example the Land Rover Evoque yeah or the Focus RS is this kind of engine so it’s really easy to go buy the parts yeah for the clutch axles whatever you need from this whole powertrain I would say the engine the powertrain right you can find it yeah really quickly cuz that’s the thing if something goes wrong and you’ve got a super exclusive supercar all in-house mate it can take months to get to Israel so this is it’s you’ve got forward here so this is basically a Ford engine yeah this is the 2-liter EcoBoost engine with 300 horsepower yep and in the dollar we use a two point three engine with with 400 horsepower yeah 510 Newton meter torque and the RR version how lightweight is that one to come that one is 640 kilograms and you’ve got 400 horsepower hundred 40 kilogram that makes it 600 bhp per ton which is Porsche 918 weeks Wow Porsche nine one eight League it’s actually better than the bugatti veyron so wow that’s a big statement so next time I’m here laughs to take to the track and see of course yeah it’s been a pleasure to meet you in Dubai as me yes please that would be so amazing now let’s drive around Dubai so great thank you so much for having this we know absolute pleasure all right look we’re out guys thank you so so much for watching please like and subscribe and we’ll see you on the next vlog somewhere in the world

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