“The Swedish suitcase”: an alternative way Volvo S90 (video)

“The Swedish suitcase”: an alternative way Volvo S90 (video)


The Volvo S90 sedan will debut in 2016, is one of the most beautiful representatives of modern E-class. However, some creative fans of the brand do not mind to add the “nineties” a pinch of continuity. As a designer Sketch Monkey, arms crossed S90 with the legendary “suitcase” two hundredth series.

Based on the classic Volvo 240, the artist opened Photoshop and started to spice up “old” with modern touches. Antique sedan got rims from modern S90, has acquired a characteristic of all current Volvo C-shaped lights, and sparkle with new faces body punch.


Alas, even if these sketches would dig me with the souls of influential people from the Board of Directors of Volvo, the appearance of such a machine is unrealistic. Modern requirements for the safety of pedestrians have been trying to put an end to the “square” design. So take a look though these images. A complete transformation in the video below.

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