The Tesla drone was hacked

The Tesla drone was hacked


Unmanned cars running on all sorts of sensors and artificial intelligence technologies, could be an easy target for hackers.

The Western media told about the vulnerabilities of modern Autonomous vehicles. So, the American company McAfee, is in charge of kiberbezopasnosti, described several ways by which hackers can hack the drone, with access to a car. One of them writes portal “Profile” based on the fact that modern unmanned cars themselves are able to learn. Enough to make a mistake in the algorithm, followed by artificial intelligence, or to ask him about the path.


Those Tesla electric cars with autopilot function can boast of their “learning”. Adjust the algorithm of their work, and the car started acting funny.

So did the IT specialists, the company tested the method described above. After this hacking ‘ the car accelerated where it was impossible to do wrong by reading information from road signs, or refused to respond to commands.

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