The Tesla factory in Berlin can significantly help the region

The Tesla factory in Berlin can significantly help the region


American company Tesla is known for its fast pace of construction of their factories and enterprises. Not so long ago, was commissioned a factory in Shanghai, which is already in full swing work. It is noteworthy that the factory was built in record quick time. However, Tesla intend to improve this parameter and commissioning a plant in Germany even faster.

According to preliminary estimates, the construction can be completed by mid 2021. While optimistic forecasts are provided not only in Tesla – in a similar vein, spoke and the Minister of economy of Brandenburg, which is under construction. For Tesla the imminent opening of the new plant in Germany is very important, the German government took a very serious course on the emergence of a large number of all-electric cars in the country and allocates various grants to purchase them.


The head of Tesla Elon Musk is going to seriously challenge Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz on the market of electric vehicles.

For the government of the region, speedy completion of the project will be good news, as it will allow faster commissioning of the long awaited airport, which is located nearby.

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