The Tesla factory in Germany. The process went


Tesla agreed to buy a plot of land to build a plant in Germany. 4 the Gigafactory will be located in the municipality of Grünheide (Grunheide), in 40 kilometers from Berlin.

First in Europe this plant is called would be incorrect (the final build Model S and Model X manufactured at the Tesla factory in Melbourne in the Netherlands, even in 2015), but the description “most ambitious” – perfectly acceptable. The Board of Directors of the American company agreed to buy the parcel of 300 hectares. The initial cost is a bit less than 41 million euros.


4 in the Gigafactory will be launched production of a full cycle. The company plans – foundry and press shop, body shop, paint shop. Here will be the seat and plastics. Not to mention the batteries, the power plants and final Assembly. To produce at the plant are planning a sedan Model 3, the crossover Model Y, and model, which will appear later.

First, the plant will provide about 3 thousand jobs, with a consequent increase in the number of workers up to 8-12 thousand, the Expected scale of car production – 500 thousand per year.

Local authorities took the decision to build the plant with great enthusiasm. “Such investments are for us a unique opportunity, says mayor Arne Christiani. – They give the opportunity to young people with good knowledge or higher education to stay in our region. In recent years, such a choice they were deprived”. In addition, the cordiality of the local representatives could affect the loss of two decades ago, a chance, when the company BMW decided to build a plant in Leipzig.


But the obstacles are still there. First, some local residents may still be against it. This is exactly what happened when January 18, a few hundred citizens took to the streets to protest against the building. The reason for the demonstration – the concern for local water supplies, which the plant can completely Deplete. In addition, Tesla needs to take action to save local wildlife (wolves, hibernating bats, lizards and snakes), because the plant will be built on the territory of what is now forest.

Nevertheless, the automaker expects to start production in July 2021.

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