The Tesla Model S and Model 3 was seen in a new guise

The Tesla Model S and Model 3 was seen in a new guise

In Los Angeles near the design Studio in Hawthorne, Tesla noticed a strange-looking electric car of this brand.

It is assumed that it can be updated prototype, which the company currently working.

The car is very reminiscent of the Model S, sloppy covered with black matte tape. From the normal version of it differed some panels and tail lights that seemed much larger than usual.

The witness noted that he did not have time to rent a Model S, but after it rode the same, covered in black matte film Model 3. This car got on the DVR and the man was able to share his photo.

“I was driving near the headquarters of Tesla in Hawthorne, when I noticed a black matte Model S. My attention was attracted by her appearance. I thought the job was done sloppy, as some panels were more shiny than others. At first I thought it was some new Mazda. But then I noticed the same Model 3, which was slowly trailing him,” he said.

As previously reported, the Tesla company this fall will begin production of the redesigned Model S and Model X. They will be better, but the price of cars will also grow.