The test was shown a prototype of the new BMW convertible 4 series (G22)

The test was shown a prototype of the new BMW convertible 4 series (G22)

Foreign journalists managed to take pictures with testing classified the convertible BMW series 4 (G22).

According to preliminary data, the car will be presented in the second half of 2020. The main difference of the new car, according to the designer, it becomes soft roof, which is used instead of rigid. The machine’s usability will be increased due to the abandonment of metal for the soft top.

Moreover, will change the carrying capacity of a car which will be much larger, thanks to modern design solutions. Because of the size for rear passengers is not provided sufficient space. But despite this, the two adults will be located exactly in the back for short trips.

Technical data securely sealed. So, even the dashboard for the duration of the test is closed with a thick cloth. Round exhaust tips and a rear spoiler allow you to understand what a future convertible has in common with the 330i, previously submitted. In this case, the producers have already said that a machine used platform CLAR.

The designers are confident that the new product will be able to win the attention of buyers due to the modern technical solutions, becoming the most popular BMW convertible in the body.

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