The tires will be over soon? Where to buy tires during the period of quarantine

The tires will be over soon? Where to buy tires during the period of quarantine


Tough measures against the spread of the virus, adopted in the world and Ukraine in particular, will no doubt be justified in many saved lives. However, no one can argue with the fact that quarantine has greatly complicated every doing even the most simple tasks. This problem may become the selection and purchase of summer tyres, which very soon will need to set the wheels of all cars.

The largest factories in Europe have stopped working

Automotive and tire industry are experiencing hard times. Already canceled or postponed international events in Geneva and new York, and the production of new cars halted. This was stated by the group Volkswagen, Toyota, Audi, BMW and many others.

On March 17 tire plants in six countries were closed, it is expected that the quarantine will last until April 3. Production was discontinued at the enterprises owned by Michelin, Pirelli and Goodyear. At the same time, the representatives of the brand Trelleborg said that their factories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will continue to operate, but with fewer employees. A similar program will soon expect businesses of various producers in Canada, USA, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

The reason was the decline in demand for tires in connection with the isolation of entire countries and restriction on movement on public roads. It should be noted that when the factories will resume work, they will need some time to return to the previous rhythm.

What this means for the Ukrainian motorists? Only that new supply of summer tyres will have to wait a few weeks.

Where and how to buy tires for the summer 2020

Not to be trapped and not to spoil winter tyres, it is necessary beforehand to prepare for tire change. Now we can proceed to the selection of tires in online store and place your order online with delivery in any point of Ukraine.

Such large stores as Infochina, have tremendous amounts of rubber. In their warehouses stored summer, winter and all-season tires for cars and trucks, vans, SUVs and crossovers. Showing foresight and forethought, you can calmly and without haste to find tires with the right settings and the right size. Maybe except the rubber for the new summer season we should also look at winter tires. In this case, the vehicle will be fully equipped and prepared for any situation.

We cannot ignore the fact that in these conditions the car becomes the safest means of transportation. An additional argument in favor of buying tires from the availability becomes unpredictable situation with the exchange rate. There is no guarantee that after the quarantine, the prices will remain the same.

About shipping tires can not survive, the Ukrainian postal service continue to work actively, so they will be quickly shipped to any town or village.

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