The Top Gear Lockdown Conference Call (Part 1)

The Top Gear Lockdown Conference Call (Part 1)


During lockdown the boys have been catching up via the medium of online video call, and here’s part one of their chat. There are some teasers from the upcoming series of , Freddie’s competitive side got the best of him (and some of of Chris), and McGuinness has a theory about why Flintoff looks so flushed đŸ¤” Series 28: The Online Geneva Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

or candles weaved all day we’re in the future lads we zoom in do you know what I’m worried about Chris you I you’ve been taken hostage where are you because Laszlo will come and get you what is that room you’re in that’s just my barn where I tend to do a bit of living but got a few more bikes behind me yeah Texas Chainsaw Massacre yeah but I can the same as love authorities I keep the bodies over there no sorry but no and so you two look like you’re in comfy chairs Fred you’re looking a bit flush if we just been doing some exercise yeah I’ve just put on me a bit on my bike did half an hour on poets or peddler nowhere but I’d have to address it lads come on then talk us through the earth just backtrack one second he’s fierce he’s flush and he’s in his computer room he’s not been honored by know something else before he got on the zoom shots I’m gonna say that and it’s nice to see that you two have borrowed you kids ed forms that’s really good that I’ve got like the grown-up ones in but you’ve got like your gaming ones on that’s good that these are like these actually proper hifi1609 your sleds you almost got full ad server so you parties it looks thick it does it feels thicker this is about bleach he’s you might Beetlejuice but it looks thicker hey I’ll take that any man who’s in there would sooner look like Beetlejuice on them ball well the thing the good thing about a mum bleaching his earth obviously obvious or to the sentencing I was gonna tell you why I’ve done it but as ever Paddy’s completely crashed that and now it’s about him so already I thought we’ll just have the conversation you know other people are allowed to talk in this thing good thing about a block bleaching is earth as a pool in a girl-girl tell you is there suppose another girl does it when your roots grow out you don’t have to redo it because it looks better it it looks better so easy crawls you get more value for your money who decides that looks better i Milaap screenshot that I did it for two reasons one because I wanted to get some money for charity that worked and – oh he’s not done that hey captain Oh captain saamne jobs not mentioned it once and he’s done like a big million quickly service the second place the second thing is about it I’ve watched I’ve watched Flintoff walk around the world we’ve covered a fair amount of the globe and people respond in a way particularly women to him and I just thought I want a bit of that action so I’m going blonde I mean for me it must be the fact he’s blonde and I’ll see you good and you’re gonna gon have an operation to have you legs lengthened nights lengthened and then I’ve got a look I’ve got a local lads gonna smash me in the mouth with a cricket bat so I get the teeth and then I reckon I’m done you had news is Latin don’t when I first saw your on Instagram it was Orange it almost reminded me of Flint sauce before he puts that so lean on whoa why well I’m just saying cause he’s not be notes you’ve not the swamp it in of you when you go you do it live he looks don’t you’re at the minute no spells here doing that during the course of this chart it will get lighter as it dries out I looked it from I look forward to I’m I just worry about it’s not dinero’s just for some reason I see you to these bugs little mighty right lads can we move on from there can we talk daily routines I want to know what your daily routines are Fred taught me through a flintoff day under lockdown first couple weeks I think bed before midday we sleep sleeping baby wakes up for a feed apparently really early I wasn’t going up so what I’ve done now is Monday a Wednesday I’m doing a really good job for talked Paul we sketched me out a bedsore 6:00 till 10:00 i montrĂ©al it gets me into a routine otherwise I’ll be honest with you under different circumstances a lot down a big brilliant rehab suit and the days go so fast I feel really bad saying this because I notice people out there doing all sorts but the days just seem to right all the way I don’t know where they go I totally agree beer I honestly thought we went into our roast went into full isolation on the 20th of March that’s when the schools closed and I thought god it’s gonna be so long these days but he actually flies by well first bit I was in Australia so I went to do Ninja Warrior which I do 5 days came on and then I got put in isolation on the Odin I was every week I don’t know if I had to I didn’t have to I just fought yeah so I’ve got I’ve been travelling around world no blog he comes to me and like shouting across the house couldn’t believe anyone knew baby everything it was really strange about you Chris you just it’s sir no it’s been um it’s been it’s been quite quite good I have to say the homeschooling thing changed everything for me the two issues were one I love driving and I really miss being able to get in the car cuz that’s a big part of what makes me happy so I struggle with that bit but you know there’s lawnmowers and stuff to play around on and and I think I once the homeschooling started it it got a bit trickier but I think I’ve been doing some exercise boys I’m a lot less fat than I was which is good boy she’s gonna mean that you’ve got even less banter to aim at me but McGuiness because I’m I’m pretty difficult to take the piss out of anyway but it’s gonna very difficult from now on I was gonna say and this is not what if I you look younger it does look a bit fresh-faced it looks a little question her the shaving at so you are I’m gonna I’m gonna keep this we’ve got to keep this look for this next series I’ve I’ve told Claire our boss I’m keepin blonde hair for the next run and she’s promised we’re in the middle of a run aren’t me we can’t we’re halfway through a couple of films we can’t I can’t appear a blonde hair after an hour speaking of which now we’ve got obviously people don’t know this but we’re halfway through a run weren’t we we were we’d actually done quite a lot by the time the lockdown came and then we had to stop and they’ve been some quite interesting goings on in those films in one film I’m not gonna give away the cars we bought some category end cars all right those are write-offs what we’d call in the old days you’d call that a cat see I think or a cat D yeah so you can sell it on the road but it’s technically a write-off now Andrew can you explain some of your behavior during the first part of that film because I’m I can’t see the chiropractor at the moment but I had to afterwards at times bad at times average it’s how disgraceful it was we got put into a competitive position didn’t I don’t say too much but on this car parking challenge and so far when it comes to competition I’ve managed to keep it under the under the lid a little bit and I think this is the first time since I’ve been on the job where I desperately wanted to win and the worst thing about competition he can bring the worst out in me and I didn’t matter that Christie was driving what was it a focus IRS oh yes well don’t give that away but yes it was I mean yeah I was in the car see that’s the first time you watch it win either you want us on every single challenge I’d say what part it’s that I do want to win every challenge but it’s the first time in a 1 time that compact composition has just taken over me and I turned into someone I didn’t really like for a little bit but while you suck and when I put a cricket I didn’t like myself and recently I’ve kept it under a lid boy just came out now I don’t know about you but what I’m doing top gear I’m with and we and things get hit about and you expect a bit of movement I prepare myself for a certain amount of energy going through my body I did not expect that hit at all I just did a bang me straight across the car and I got out and thought he’s completely lost his marbles and you were just sat there with a slightly crazed screaming your face it wasn’t it wasn’t I wasn’t meant to hit you that hard I just lost all comprehension for a minute all I could see was with a parking spot I wanna get it I want to get it so I apologize Chris The Bachelor you actually nearly did both of your co-hosts in about 20 minutes didn’t you cuz before that I know her first day [Laughter] straight up I thought when you were talking then I thought you were gonna talk I thought you’re talking about Cyprus no no no what about when we were doing that thing in the in that little fake car park setup trying to drive into those spaces and there any other you had and off before that and you were stood there watch what about that what about about 10 minutes earlier he had an off when you were stood there with the director he trusted me he trusted me you said you said Sasha to the side as you went past but I forgot all about that so we’ve done we’ve done that we’ve done as I precise Cyprus and we’ve done the 24 hour or not we’re the 24 out the 24 hour one that’s not that I never want to give away too much I don’t think I’ve laughed so much making a television show that there was there was a three-hour period thanks to Andrew Freddie Flintoff that left me I mean I wasn’t crying with laughter boys yeah we’ll obviously the can’t give it away because people are gonna be seeing it and I’ll see him he’ll deny me I will be no no I am waiting tonight I am in the Edit because there was there was moments there where I couldn’t breathe literally couldn’t breathe

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