The Toyota RAV4 crossover will recalibrate the ESP after the “moose” test

The Toyota RAV4 crossover will recalibrate the ESP after the “moose” test


Japanese engineers will offer brand clients a choice of two options system, electronic stability VSC for RAV4 crossover.

Recall that in the autumn the Swedish publication Teknikens Varld said “dangerous behavior” of the Toyota RAV4 crossover of a new generation with the passage of the so-called “elk test”. Experts note that the stability of the vehicle is activated too late. During testing, the hybrid version of the car loaded to the allowed by the manufacturer of the mass and the maximum under-inflated tyres, got up on two wheels.


The company commented that the trial was not conducted in accordance with standards and informed RAV4 was ispytala repeatedly, successfully passing the testing, nothing was known about the exact distribution of mass on the axes, the condition of the tires and the road surface. After that, Toyota together with journalists carried out a second test, which the RAV4 coped even at speeds above 70 km/h.

However, the brand decided to develop a different configuration of an electronic stabilization system for the car. With the new settings stabilization system, which will appear on vehicles in 2020 will be triggered sooner, with greater emphasis on extreme situations, such as the “moose test”.

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