The traffic on auto-commit: new record

The traffic on auto-commit: new record


Traffic violations again recorded camera in the automobile areas. This week, drivers were able to set a new record of speed violations.

During the period 3 to 9 August 179 cars lit up on the cameras auto-commit with speeding. Drivers of a car moving with a speed of over 170 km/h. About it reports a press-service of the Patrol police of Ukraine.

The highest rate was at the Mercedes-Benz E 55 AMG, DOE AX021 ***. It amounted to mad 210 km/h on the highway M03 Kyiv-Kharkiv-dovzhanskiy, where the maximum speed is limited to 110 km/h.


Also noted the BMW 320 with the number of DOU AI938 ***. He slammed the gas pedal to the floor and accelerated to a speed of 208 km/h on the highway M06 Kiev-Chop, where the speed limit is 110 km/h.

A record of the violator for the week was the driver of the car Mitsubishi Grandis, DOE BH062 ***. He broke the speed limit 22 times.

Users of social networks began to suspect that “champion” has a purpose, because last week he broke the speed of 32 times.

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