The travel revolution: crash test Jeep Wrangler (video)

The travel revolution: crash test Jeep Wrangler (video)


The insurance Institute for highway safety USA (IIHS) conducted crash tests Jeep Wrangler new generation and revealed an unexpected problem: the SUV is not able to stand on four wheels in a collision with partial overlap. During testing, the car turned over twice.

In a video published by the IIHS, prodemonstrirovano as the Wrangler 2019 crashed into a fixed barrier with a partial overlap on the driver side, then leans to his right side. There were several similar trials, and in two cases out of three the result was the same – the car was overturned.

Security experts have awarded the SUV two points out of four possible, noting that rollover increases the risk of injury and is not “acceptable outcome of a frontal collision”. In addition, the Wrangler, no side curtain airbags.

Earlier Jeep Wrangler failed the crash tests of the independent organization EuroNCAP, earning one star out of five. The SUV has lowered the rating due to the lack of modern safety systems.

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