The trio of Americans managed to cross the continent in 27 hours

The trio of Americans managed to cross the continent in 27 hours


In the legendary illegal race “from sea to sea” set a new record.

Race Cannonball Run (“Cannonball”) is an iconic race, despite its illegality. The aim of the participants of this fun is simple: as quickly as possible to cross North America by car-route from new York to Los Angeles, not paying attention to any “conventions”.

For the first time this experiment was set back in 1915, when Erwin Baker needed for traveling on a motorcycle for 11 days. In 1933 driving a sedan Graham-Paige he traveled this route for 53 hours, and in the 70-ies of the last century cult status for “Cannonball” has secured the famous automotive journalist Brock Yates.

A new record is 27 hours and 25 minutes: exactly as it needed Arne Toman, Doug Tabbutt and Berkeley Cadvise to cross the USA from East to West – and it’s almost 4.5 thousand kilometers. They went on a specially prepared Mercedes-AMG E63 2015.

Training consisted, primarily, in the extra fuel tank 180 litres, second, the rise of engine power to 700 HP, and thirdly, the installation of the complex navigation, radar detector and other such equipment. Was in charge of them, Chadwick, two other “hero” in turn drove the car.


It is known that the average (!) speed crew on the route was approximately 160 km/h, and that’s including stops to refuel, and high, which were dispersed record – 310 km/h. the “cannon core” by some miracle managed to avoid problems with the police even though the cops in the U.S. belong to such entertainment with great hostility.

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