The truck Tesla Cybertruck lined up

The truck Tesla Cybertruck lined up


The head of Tesla Elon Musk said that Tesla has collected almost 150 thousand pre-orders for pickup Cybertruck within two days. In order to apply for the purchase of new items, you must pay $ 100. Thus, in just a few days Tesla has received from potential clients nearly $ 15 million.

According to Mask, most orders two – and three-engine modification of a pickup truck that cost 50 Grand and 69.9 thousand dollars, respectively. So, the version with one motor ordered 17 percent of clients with two or 42 per cent, and with three to 41 percent. In addition, we will have to pay for the autopilot – this option is estimated at seven thousand dollars.


Tesla Cybertruck premiere took place on 21 November near Los Angeles. On the same day the company’s stock price fell by six percent, causing the state of the Mask fell to 768 million dollars, to 23.6 billion dollars. Interviewed by Forbes analysts have stated that this is probably connected with extraordinary design models, which came to taste not for everyone.

In addition, the presentation of the truck was not without misfires that became “the bad beginning”, said the experts. We are talking about the demonstration of the armor Cybertruck body that can withstand the impact of a hammer and firing a nine-millimeter pistol, and glass, in theory, should not break if hit by stone, as they are armored by special technology of Tesla. However, on the stage glass still cracked when he threw a metal ball.

Later, the Mask showed a rehearsal of this moment: Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen threw the steel ball in the window of a pickup truck, and it’s not even scratched.

“I think we have some work to do before the start of production,” – wrote the head of Tesla in his Twitter.

The Assembly of this model will start only at the end of 2021, then begin, and the first delivery. Production volumes pickup in Tesla has not yet announced, but we can assume that they will be lower than Model 3. For a record for second quarter of this year, the automaker has released 87 048 electric vehicles, 72.5 thousand of which Model 3, and the remaining 14.5 thousand Model S and Model X.

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