The Truth About My Rolls Royce Paint Job!

The Truth About My Rolls Royce Paint Job!


You didn’t really think I’d leave that green monstrosity on my Rolls did you?! 不不 Check out what paint job I’m actually going to get in this vid xxPendulum Paint Experiment – Thanks to Follow me on:

oh right then all right surprise it’s not actually going to be my permanent paint job i was like uh it tricks you there so i just wanted to see what it would look like it actually looks kind of cool from the top but i know that people from rolls-royce are watching this and totally freaking out so i’m here to tell you this is not how it’s going to last and stay on the car what we’re doing now this is the really exciting bit is i’m here with dimitri the owl designer and he has actually mocked up all of our real designs that i’m going to choose from right now for my rolls-royce so we’re going to sit down and look at different colors and patterns and what i want i have a pretty good idea of what i want at the moment but let’s have a look at some of the options i like that a lot actually that’s really sick like whatever you can do yeah really easily yeah because look you’ve still got main outline of what i’ve already got the black on the top and the white on the sides okay cool i think we can change the base color if like there is we want to keep the white yeah it’s white so but now we can play another color okay so this is what i was thinking i actually want to do nado gray all over the rolls and then the rims are actually do you have the other rims the ones with the white spokes right at the end ah these rooms these rooms so i want these rims and then i want the nardo gray i think go back to the yeah and then maybe one of these sbs down the side like this i’m not sure about the black can we make this you have this like in a light lighter gray so it’s not so like bam in your face yeah like like like that like that what do you guys think something like this or darker or lighter yeah or even lighter or outliers or outline yeah so we have three options so here’s my questions for you should there be a colorful line on the rolls and should there be an sb on the side or should it just literally be all natto gray and then the rims blacken and with the white little spokes what do you think do you like my idea do you like our design yes so you have two choices or classy or more art yeah you can basically come in here at wheel fix this is where you have a space he’ll get his 3d imaging up and you can look at the car from all different angles and choose what design you want for your car you can go hit him up his link is actually uh in the description below this video i hope you guys enjoyed thank you so so much for helping us organize this it’s at first you’re freaking out right like oh my god what has she talked to this roles it actually looks quite cool from the top but the issue is is that no one really sees the rolls from the top so we’re ditching that but i actually loved seeing how it turned out let me know what you guys think thank you so much for watching give us a quick thumbs up on the video and subscribe to the supercar bloody family love you guys i think we’re out

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