The unique “SUV” on the basis of Ferrari 308 Dino GT4 for sale

The unique “SUV” on the basis of Ferrari 308 Dino GT4 for sale


“SUV”, existing in a single copy was built on the basis of Ferrari 308 Dino GT4, but the price is the only one not yet named.

From the usual “Dino” this monster has survived quite a bit. For example, the original Grand Tourer with the landing formula 2+2 was converted into a purely two-seater coupe, and all the vacant space is occupied by the power unit. Motor still standard, but, according to the auctioneers of Auctioneers Worldwide, thoroughly revised.

What exactly are the improvements, not yet explained, but it is known that the restoration and upgrade of motor, in particular a sports car and just in General spent 26 thousand dollars. The crossover is equipped with externally authentic 3.0-liter V8, which is “from the factory” developed 240 HP

But the main difference is the chassis that was run by the company DriverSource from Texas. In the style of “Safari” sport car significantly increased ground clearance, integrated into the suspension adjustable dampers and springs with the ability to change ride height, recalibrated steering, supplied 15-inch wheels with high profile rubber, and the like.


In addition, the “Dino” has acquired additional optics Hella, and a specially made front bumper with integrated towing eyes. In the end after all the modifications Ferrari Dino desperately like some semblance of a Lancia Stratos.

Sell all terrain Ferrari at auction in Riyadh, but the auction itself is scheduled for November 23.

Do you think for how much you will be able to sell the car?

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