The unmanned truck drove 130 km without any human intervention

The unmanned truck drove 130 km without any human intervention


In the American state of Arizona, a tractor without a driver and without a remote control drove for the first time in the world on public roads. TuSimple spent a year and a half on its creation.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with reference to the TuSimple press service.

The world’s first test drive of a vehicle without any human intervention took place on the night of December 22. The autonomous TuSimple truck traveled about 130 kilometers on public roads in 80 minutes – along the streets and highways from Tucson, Arizona to Metro Mall in Phoenix.

The truck successfully crossed intersections, ramps, and if necessary changed lanes, “naturally” interacting with other vehicles.

The test drive was conducted in close cooperation with the Arizona Department of Transportation and local law enforcement, with the spotter driving five miles ahead and the police driving half a mile behind.

“This year we have focused on thoroughly testing our technology under real-world conditions on public roads,” said President Cheng Lu.

Founded in 2015, TuSimple specializes in the design and manufacture of commercial off-the-shelf Level 4 (SAE Level 4) autonomous driving systems for heavy-duty vehicles. The firm has offices in Arizona, Texas, Europe and China.

The company says the Driver Out program is an important first step in expanding freight transport on the TuSimple Autonomous Network (AFN), allowing goods to be moved safely and reliably from point to point using autonomous trucks.

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