The upcoming BMW 4-Series will receive a giant “nostrils”

The upcoming BMW 4-Series will receive a giant “nostrils”


At the auto show in Frankfurt hosted the world premiere of the new coupe the Bavarian brand. Despite the criticism of recent models because of the design of the radiator grille, BMW continues to increase the “nostrils”.

“Dvuhdverka” while presented in the form of a prototype under the name of BMW Concept 4. The show car is the forerunner of a family of 4 Series the new generation: the first next year should make his debut, in fact, a compartment for catching them up, convertible and Gran Coupe. By the way, during the presentation of the Germans said that the production model will be 85% to repeat the concept. That is, from the huge “nostrils” commodity “four”, apparently can not get away.


So, Concept 4 grille was even more than the restyled 7 Series sedan BMW, crossover BMW X7 and BMW X6. The notorious “nostrils” fused and stretched, and in the company at this time refer to the history, saying that such a solution was used on the BMW 328 (produced in the 30-ies of the last century) and BMW 3.0 CSi (1970). Here only those models “stretch” the nostrils were narrower and therefore looked more harmonious.

The prototype also got 21-inch wheels, led headlights without lenses and “minimalist” mirrors and tail lights consist of one L-shaped fiber optic element. Is the front license plate emblazoned glass name plate of the machine. Well, in profile reminiscent of a coupe concept eighth series.

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Technical characteristics of the BMW Concept 4 were not disclosed, the interior is also not yet ready – the exhibition showed the layout with tightly toned glasses. Apparently, the serial “four” to share “stuff” with the model of the BMW 3 Series last generation. This means that the coupe fourth series will be built on the CLAR platform, it will be offered with two-liter four-cylinder engines and 3.0 V6 engines. “Charged” M-version also will appear. Drive – rear or full.

How to think, how serial, the Quartet will be close to the concept?

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