The updated KIA K9 is officially available

The updated KIA K9 is officially available


The KIA brand continues to reveal an updated version of the K9 flagship sedan.

Last month, the company released images of the appearance of the new flagship K9. Now the automaker has declassified the interior of the novelty. The updated KIA K9 interior will have a very large media display with a diagonal of 14.5 inches, as well as a fingerprint scanner to control some of the car’s functions.

Previously, a 12.3-inch central display was installed on the KIA K9. As the screen size increases, the picture quality will also improve. Media updates can be over the air. With the help of a mobile application, the car owner can not only track the location of the car and start the engine, but also make sure that everything around him is safe. To this end, KIA has installed the function of remote access to all-round cameras.

In this case, a fingerprint scanner is required to identify the driver. The car will understand who exactly sat behind the steering wheel, and will bring all the settings in line with those stored in the memory for this person. Using a fingerprint, it will be possible to make payments through the media system, buying various content.

Also, for the new K9, improved noise insulation due to thicker glasses, new versions of interior trim, a particularly comfortable driver’s seat and a VIP-seat for the right rear passenger, which can be folded into a position for relaxation, are promised. On the South Korean market, sales of the updated KIA K9 will start on June 3.

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