The updated range of four-stroke Husqvarna crossbill

The updated range of four-stroke Husqvarna crossbill

Lineup four-stroke Husqvarna crossbill 2021 consists of three models: FC 450, FC 350, FC 250. They are all based on one chassis, but equipped with different motors. FC450 is equipped with the most cubature unit with a single overhead camshaft, while the engines of FC 250 and FC 350 have two top of the camshaft. Most changes to models, 2021 for the chassis.

Fork WP Xact has become the main modification is not just for off-road motorcycles KTM 2021. The outer fork tubes and cartridges were 10 mm shorter increased rigidity. New damping system for pneumatic fork Xact must do off-road trips more soft due to the pressure reduction in the internal system at the peak load.


Another important change concerns the new rear suspension WP Xact, which should also work smoother and softer. Like fork, the shock absorber has received new settings that had to be done because of the changes.

Other changes:

  • a new, more grippy pad on saddle
  • the new panel around the air box, which should increase air flow to the box
  • new colors (dark blue + yellow)


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