The US authorities initiated an investigation against BMW

The US authorities initiated an investigation against BMW


The BMW firm is suspected of manipulation with statistics of car sales in the United States. The American Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) considered suspicious reporting of the German company, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal. If the fault is proven BMW, the automaker will face a multimillion-dollar fine.

The U.S. financial regulator suspected BMW in the tactics of “penetration” of sales. There were suspicions that the Bavarian concern has forced dealers of the brand to buy additional batch of cars to back of the Park. Thus, the automaker has increased the total number of units sold, improved reporting and provided the investor a more attractive market picture.

It is possible that “pressing” the sale of the firm BMW was trying to finish the year in top positions in the U.S. premium segment. The Bavarian firm shows comparable sales results with Daimler AG and for the first time in four years to finish the calendar year on the first place according to statistics sold for premium cars.

BMW dealers on condition of anonymity, complain about the automaker: an expansion and test of a replacement vehicle reduces the profitability of sales. The implementation of machinery of the reserve of the Park less profitable stores, because such a vehicle is necessary to do a discount. The BMW representative told The Wall Street Journal that the company is informed about the beginning of the investigation and is ready to cooperate with U.S. authorities.


For Bavarian concern suspicions of manipulation of statistics sales in the American market is nothing new. Three years ago the head of the North American branch of BMW has already complained about “great pressure” from the group and forced dealers to inflate sales figures.

In September this year for manipulation of the report of the American Commission has fined Fiat Chrysler Automobiles at $ 40 million. During the investigation, it was determined that the automaker has forced dealers to falsify sales reports to lead investors astray.

What can happen to the BMW for this case?

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