The us-China K-Kar: 4, but without the things

The us-China K-Kar: 4, but without the things


Presentation “trehdverki” should be held before the end of 2020. The announced name of the new company still does not disclose.

Company Wuling Motors together with the Chinese group SAIC and American GM enter into a joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling. A recent subcompact novelties of this joint venture is the recently introduced Baojun E300, but now this line will join the electric car under the brand name Wuling. Earlier, the Chinese manufacturer showed the appearance of new items, but now there were images of the interior.


In Wuling during the creation of their first electric car was inspired by the kei-cars – in demand in Japan’s car of compact dimensions with recognizable “equationname” forms. According to our database of the Ministry of industry of the PRC, the length of the citicar is equal to 2917 mm, width – 1493 mm, height – 1621 mm; wheelbase is 1940 mm.

By the way, the dimensions already mentioned Baojun E300 – 2625 x 1647 x 1588 mm, and the distance between the axes is equal to 1750 mm. Even less in all respects, than the next Chinese new submitted earlier “babe” from France – the Citroen Ami. Its length 2410 mm width 1390 mm, height – 1520 mm, and the wheelbase of the manufacturer is not disclosed.

As we mentioned earlier, the cabin of the three-door hatchback can accommodate four people. However, the traditional trunk in this configuration remains. To get a place for the carriage of cargo, it is necessary to combine a back sofa. The volume of this “trunk” will amount to 740 liters. In addition, the interior has several compartments for storing small things.

Judging by the images, the novelty will be Wuling digital instrument panel located behind the steering wheel, the control of the climate control and audio system on the right. In the cabin there is no “display multimediji”. The gearbox is made in the form of washers and located between the front seats.

The citicar Wuling will offer the batteries are not very high capacity: a choice of either a 9.2 or 13.8 kW*h. Presumably, the reserve is enough for approximately 100 and 150 km, respectively (the calculation were based on outdated NEDC cycle). The novelty will be equipped with 27-horsepower electric motor, its maximum speed is 100 km/h.


For comparison, Baojun E300 is equipped with an electric motor with 39 HP recoil and battery with a capacity of 16.8 kWh. the subcompact Citroen Ami motor power 8.2 HP and capacity Li-ion battery – 5.5 kW*h. It belongs to the quadricycle, so that in some countries they are allowed to operate a 14-year-olds.

The official name of the new item, and its equipment (apparently, it will be modest), and probably prices for the domestic market, the company Wuling will open later, probably closer to the official presentation of the model: it is scheduled for the end of the year.

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