The Volkswagen engines found a fatal problem

The Volkswagen engines found a fatal problem

One of the engines of the Volkswagen Group in conjunction with a manual transmission “on cold” may stall.

A significant number of owners of cars of the Volkswagen Group, equipped with a 1.5-liter TSI engine Evo, had a serious vibration. While representatives of the German mark knew about the problem for several months, her decision has not yet been developed.


The malfunction affects the main vehicles of the VW Group, and the owners SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi have repeatedly complained about the inconvenience. It is known that the vibration only occurs in cars with manual transmission and 1.5-liter gasoline engine TSI. The vehicles with “robot” DSG, as noted, is not affected. The owners reported strong shake which is most noticeable in low gears when the motors cold.

One of the owners of this machine said that the vibration is so pronounced that it easily moves to the seat, while another reported that the car may even stall at junctions and roundabouts.

Although all problems are dealt with the same combination of engine/transmission, retailers have responded ambiguously. Some allowed the owners to abandon their cars, others don’t. Some machines were updated programmno obespecheni, while many owners said that the solution of the problem does not exist.

In some cases, retail sellers informed the buyers that the problem is “typical” for a car.

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In December, representatives of the Volkswagen Group said that they knew about the problem. However, he said that it is very rare. Seven months later, the defect was not corrected. Guide the brand believes that the number of affected vehicles is small, and says that “working on the decision-making process”. The firm added that the affected owners should discuss their problems with the dealers.