The Volkswagen preparing for the really long work stoppage

The Volkswagen preparing for the really long work stoppage


CEO of Volkswagen AG Herbert Diess suggests the possibility of long-term closure of factories of the company: the crisis caused by the coronavirus, has substantially influenced the original plans of the automaker.

In his LinkedIn profile, he commented on the situation: “Most of our factories are closed for two weeks, in some regions – three. It is likely that such measures will be continued in the future”.

Volkswagen AG comprises the Volkswagen, and SEAT, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, Porsche. Not to mention it is the car manufacturer of the middle class Skoda, and premium brand Audi.

“The spread of the virus will stop after a few weeks. So we need to be ready to live with this threat for a long time – until effective treatment or vaccine,” – said Diss.

Now Volkswagen is taking action to ensure the company’s liquidity, preservation of supply chains, and the continuation of strategic projects (one of which is the launch ID of the electric vehicle.3, and also supplies batteries for “trains”).


According to the Department of infectious diseases, Robert Koch Institute, the number of confirmed infections with coronavirus in Germany as of yesterday (March 21) has reached 16 662 (47 of them fatal).

On Tuesday (March 17) at Volkswagen said that it was suspending operation of all plants in Europe. Then the representatives of the company stressed that any predictions for 2020 it is impossible to do because there is no certainty regarding the effects of coronavirus on the market.

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