The Volvo XC60 is now available from 42.500 EUR

The Volvo XC60 is now available from 42.500 EUR


The XC60 is probably the most balanced car built on the platform SPA. That’s just the price, not comparable with the “poor” Volvo XC90 plays a role of an “anchor” in the sales model.

Naturally, this situation does not suit both buyers and dealers. For this reason, the latter has prepared a special package offer on the principle that more options – lower price.

So we, especially for You, once again go to the salon Volvo to better understand all the nuances, namely: to find out how much cheaper batch XC60 kind of vehicle, what engine, transmission and drive type they are available and where you are going.

Yet, according to tradition, we’ll drive the car on a lift, measure the clearance, go through the competitors to drive on our roads.

All the details in our video. Pleasant viewing!

And Yes, the action is limited! Then don’t say we didn’t warn You.

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