The VW has confirmed the imminent appearance of the serial electrocreaser

The VW has confirmed the imminent appearance of the serial electrocreaser


The second “green” model of Volkswagen will hit the market on schedule.

In early December off the Assembly lines of Volkswagen fell 250 thousand account the cars with electrified propulsion. It’s a hatchback VW e-Golf – the most successful electric car company: since start of production in 2014, he has sold 104 thousand copies. The second called compact e-up! (21 000 vehicles), and is considered to be the most popular hybrid Golf GTE – 51 thousand vehicles worldwide.

In 2020, the year the e-Golf will go down in history, yielding its place to a serial electric car VW ID.3. The company plans to actively increase the number of electrified models to its lineup, and, according to the latest reports, electrochemcial not limited. In the same year the debut and first SUV on the platform of the MEB.


It was first presented in concept form ID Crozz in 2017. Pre-production prototype in camouflage firm showed at least twice the showrooms in different parts of the world, and it is expected that in 2020, the crossover will start to descend from the conveyor of factory in Zwickau – they also collect and pyatidverka ID.3. In addition, the SUV is planned to release in North America (at the plant in Chattanooga), and in the Chinese Antin.

Hatchback ID.3 and a crossover with the intended name for the ID.4 will be the basis of the VW plan to sell by the end of 2023 million electric vehicles. By the way, after a successful start accepting orders for the pyatidverka plans have been adjusted, as previously coveted million Germans hoped to achieve two years later. And now it is expected that by mid-decade, the amount collected by the company Volkswagen “trains” will be over half a million.

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