The Wankel engine is back! But only as part of a hybrid

The Wankel engine is back! But only as part of a hybrid


Japanese Mazda decided to bring the rotary piston engine to the market. However, the official statement says that it will now work as part of a hybrid power plant, thereby acting as a generator to increase mileage.

There have been some very impressive changes in Mazda lately. Just remember the rumors that next year there may be a new generation of the famous Mazda 6 sedan with the latest 6-cylinder engine, which can also get hybrid versions.

Now it has become officially known that all plans for a rotary engine have not been abandoned, but it has found a more reasonable application in modern realities. As noted in the company, the first car to receive such a power plant will be the Mazda MX – 30. The debut of such a modification in Europe and the United States will take place in the first half of 2022. Thus, the crossover will become a consistent hybrid, where the gasoline power unit is not directly connected to the wheels and only recharges the electric motors to increase the cruising range.

At the same time, as the company assures, the rotary unit can boast of smooth operation, which is a tangible advantage in comparison with the same BMW i3, in which the motorcycle engine frankly rumbles, despite all the noise insulation.

The technical characteristics of the latest development have not yet been disclosed, it is assumed that its output will be from 30 to 50 hp. Note that the company already tested a similar hybrid setup back in 2012 on the Mazda 2 hatch. There, the Wankel engine had a volume of 330 cc, which made it possible to develop 30 horsepower.

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