The Water Powered Supercar | MH2 Matador

The Water Powered Supercar | MH2 Matador


This is the MH2 Matador concept car made in Slovakia and is fully hydrogen powered, meaning if you burn hydrogen gas, the byproduct is just water.Check out their story here:

what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie here at the slovakian expo pavilion here in dubai quiz look at this baby ready you’ve never seen this before i promise you i have never seen this before until a few minutes ago here we go here we go look at this hey what do you reckon how nice is this guys this is the very first hydrogen powered car by matador i’m going to explain who matador is a little bit later first things first look right here this is so cool guys look hydrogen tanks down here so you’ve got these babies right here that actually power the car and then this is like cooling for these tanks these guys have been working on this technology for 15 years right we’ve come back to that let me show you some cool stuff right here check this out mh2 that’s the name of the car the official name is metal hydride 2 or you can just say it stands for matador hydride too all right this is where you’d actually refuel so the hydrogen goes in there now what’s the benefit of having a hydrogen-powered car it’s completely emissions free and also it’s going to be super quick to refuel so you just literally go into that tank refuel with hydra and off you go it’s not like a recharging a battery which as you and i know can take a lot longer right look at this i absolutely love this my favorite feature on the car look at this front windshield it goes all the way across this is three meter long piece of glass and it’s so special that they actually had to get a helicopter manufacturer out of germany to do this just look how i’ve i’ve never seen last come all the way from the back down to the front here this is so cool you’ve got the carbon fiber detailing here now let’s turn some lights on we love lights here we go so this is all crystal these are all crystals and i’m going to show you in the back as well super cool off on the main idea of this car is to look like an athlete on the starting block so you know how they’re always kind of like leaning forward ready to go it’s like that it’s about to pounce into action you got the skin right of the athlete and you’ve got the bones exposed here as well and then you’ve got the backbone running straight through the middle of the car and then of course the wheels look how cool they look i love this so we’re seeing more of this design on cars coming out because of course the more of the wheel you cover the more aerodynamic it is they’ve made these kind of slats here this is for the air intake to the cooler brakes but they’re almost like design slats you can’t even see really that this is actually for air intake can you it’s really subtle i really like the design of this wheel very very cool when you’re looking at this car from the back you know exactly that it’s a matador so here are the lights they came up with check that out this is like your little light dance when you turn on the car right and then look at this i love how it runs all the way across that’s your indicator and all of these are little crystal pieces which is quite cool very cool and then if you do this dynamic mode check this out guys i’ve never seen this before if you’re at a certain angle like here look at this it actually flickers like a candle like candle light i love that i’ve never seen that before you guys are just gonna have to see this in real life if you’re in dubai you’re planning to come down come to the slovakian pavilion because this is where you can see it in real life i’ve actually never seen that before that is so cool then of course you’ve got this huge rear diffuser so beautiful i mean it just has such an impact in the back of the car here all carbon fiber you can see straight through the tire as well which is a really cool feature love that straight through very thick tires and where else you can actually see the tire through here as well all of these little design features that i really appreciate and of course you’ve got the side cameras now as well not just normal side view mirrors right let’s get in shall we let’s do it here we go so it’s kind of hidden underneath here grab this now guys this is a concept car for now what they want to do is just display their capabilities as matador because matador has actually been in the automotive industry for over 100 years out of slovakia and they started off with manufacturing tyres and now they actually provide a whole heap of automotive parts to various automotive manufacturers around the world like vw group so they’re like right i want to display all of the knowledge all of the experience we’ve had over 100 years and put it into our own supercar so this is their very first supercar do you know i just love being able to see all the way down there you can see all the way to the road in front of you let me just take you with me here we go look at this all the way down i think that is such a cool feature and then all the way up here see straight out the top so cool and then you’ve just got this one panel running down the center that controls everything and of course you’ve got your cool yolk steering wheel and the boost button everyone needs a boost button on the steering wheel i love that so the stats for now are zero to 100 in about four seconds it has about 600 horsepower range about 600 kilometers and the top speed 250 kilometers an hour come join me stefan everyone kind of a big deal at matador aren’t you he’s like no i’m not don’t say that so i had to say it i’m representing 3 000 people more or less so i think we are all big deals we are trying to do well that’s crazy man thank you so much for showing us this car why did you guys say okay we want to come up with a hydrogen-powered car we wanted to showcase basically the capabilities of our group in this very car yeah yeah yeah okay so why hydrogen well we see there’s a sustainable source of energy right and you know for us it’s it is the mega trend that we and everyone should look at because you know now i would say the electric powered cars are more or less it’s not breakthrough idea anymore right and we believe that uh hydrogen is something to to discover in more detail is this just a prop or are we looking at something that actually physically works this technology this technology was supplied by technical university in slovakia yes and this is working and so this is all tried technology this is working yes if you put this in a car today it would work it would work but still is this in the prototype phase i have to say that we need to develop it further in order to put it into the cereal production this has taken a long time to come up with this kind of technology yes sure and it will take i think further time to to put it into the serial production but basically the group together with the universities in slovakia is able to develop and basically create and manufacture such a car but i have to say vs matador wanted mainly to showcase what we are capable what you could do you can actually create sustainably all right there you go stefan from that thank you so much all right guys let’s talk to the head designer now brano my favorite part i have to say is the windscreen it’s amazing how it all comes all the way down where did this idea come from well you know basically this glass surface was very important because you can see a lot through this glass right actually you can see in the front of the car yeah all the way to the road exactly which is very unusual yeah honestly it’s like a go-cart yeah something like that so it was for us very important and it’s one unique piece yeah really long piece you know three meters long so that’s why we are thinking like okay we can we can show the airflow really nice in this way i love it i love it all right the other thing is okay um i’ve talked a little bit about your design inspiration but i also see water there’s water here in canisters so there’s got to be some kind of water inspiration that i haven’t talked about yet absolutely yeah absolutely okay good water was the inspiration not only for the shapes yeah we study a lot the forms on the water right but also the color as you can see inspired by the water you know so everything is somehow connected and linked to the water right hydrogen water exactly okay so you’ve got a lot of inspiration can we just can we just sum this up you’ve got water you’ve got the athlete and you’ve also got the teardrop so you just thought of all those things and then boom put them all together and then basically yes and the body of the other it sounds easy doesn’t it but it’s not yeah the body of the athlete was also important for us right because you know on the body of the atheist you have you know you know the material only there where the performance is coming from right and then you can take all material where you don’t need it actually so for example like a swimmer they have huge shoulders right so they have huge muscles up here and then everything like their waist is slimmer and then so so that’s the same thing you’ve done here absolutely is you only provide bulk where you need it and then you slim down absolutely exactly we’ve got it i think i can be a a world-class car designer all right guys that’s it i hope you enjoyed this has been so awesome i hope to see more like hydrogen-powered cars in future massive thank you to matador for showing us around you guys rock i hope you like vid love ya i’m out

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