The “welcome” version of the Tesla Roadster is fully reserved

The “welcome” version of the Tesla Roadster is fully reserved


The American automaker has received pre-orders for $ 250 million for the updated Tesla Roadster.

Previously, it was assumed that the Tesla Roadster will already go to the first customers, but the serial production of the model will start no earlier than 2023. But until mass production began, the automaker closed the acceptance of orders for it, of which, according to preliminary estimates, more than 1,000 units were already accumulated for a total of $ 250 million.

Customers could pre-order sports cars from the “welcome” Founders Edition. In total, it was planned to assemble 1000 roadsters of this line at a price of 250 thousand dollars.

Now there is practically no information on the Founders Edition on the company’s website. Most likely, the entire circulation of cars has already been pre-ordered, or the information has been deleted due to a delay in the start of production and it is no longer possible to accept new orders.

The Tesla Roadster prototype debuted back in 2017. The prototype was powered by three electric motors combined with a 250 kW battery. From standstill to 96 km / h, the electric car can accelerate in just 1.9 seconds. And its maximum speed is 400 km / h.

Recall, earlier it was reported that Tesla began selling Tesla Model 3 electric cars in 2021 with old batteries.

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