The wheel “transformer”: an interesting patent from BMW

The wheel “transformer”: an interesting patent from BMW


The BMW group is developing a steering wheel that is able to mechanically change the shape. Patent convertible body control found the publication AutoExpress. New steering wheel, able to “transform” from round to oval during motion, we need to warn the driver about the transition from the Autonomous control mode to manual.

The German mark is made on the development of mechanical steering, convertible research at Stanford University, conducted in 2017. Scientists tested the two system of warnings about the transition from Autonomous to manual driving modes – the first group of drivers to have experienced a robotic steering wheel with variable geometry, the second group tested the traditional system led indication.

It turned out that the mechanical transformation of the rudder is much more effective than visual warnings. Because the system of Autonomous driving will require driver intervention in an emergency, the response time to an alert is crucial.


Patent BMW – the second step to the introduction of transformable bodies. Last year, the Bavarian firm revealed details about steering wheel polygonal shape that does not obstruct the instrument panel and facilitates the process of embarkation/disembarkation from the car. Now the achievements documented.

To expect that the innovation wheel is making its debut along with the serial version of the BMW iNEXT in 2021 is not: likely, the technology will become mandatory for vehicles of the German mark in a few years.

Eighteen months ago his vision of a “steering the future” introduced the Tesla American carmaker has offered to give about the usual selector of the transmission and display on the bottom spoke of the steering wheel touch panel selecting modes of motion.

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