THE WMW will have a new transmission selector

THE WMW will have a new transmission selector


The BMW brand has patented a new type of transmission selector. The idea is to combine control of several functions in it at once, writes the CarBuzz edition.

Judging by the images presented, the BMW transmission joystick will be retractable. When the vehicle is stationary or parked, the joystick is lowered flush with the surface of the console. And when the car plans to go or is in motion, the selector moves up. It is worth noting that this idea is not new: the round washer behaves exactly the same on Jaguar and Land Rover models.

BMW joystick, in addition to the main functions of changing gearbox modes, will also be responsible for the parking brake, stopping and starting the power unit. On the top, there is a small LCD screen that shows the current status of the systems.

There is no information yet on what plans BMW has regarding the introduction of a multi-function selector on production cars. It is only noted that it can be used with all types of power units: internal combustion engines, hybrids and electric motors. The latest concept of the BMW brand – a 750-horsepower XM crossover, is equipped with a joystick that is so familiar today.

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