The World’s Biggest Limousine

The World’s Biggest Limousine


The Police blocked the streets of Downtown LA for me to drive the biggest and most expensive Limo in the World.Check

what’s up guys it’s super gobble on the still n le and still stuck in LA traffic this actually we’re moving at 20 miles an hour which is a lot better than we were five minutes ago anyway the thing is is that we are stuck in this traffic for a very good reason we’re heading to see the world’s largest limo and it’s not what you thinking it is like when someone mentioned that to me I thought oh yeah it’s gonna be one of those like extended wheelbase Ferraris that you see on the strip here in in LA it’s not that it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before so we’re gonna go film with this limo like how they built it why they have it apparently you can rent it out like for parties and stuff it has a DJ in the back so and the other thing is that when you rent it you get a police escort so we are heading to downtown LA to meet up with the owners and to see the police escort and take it for a spin see you there see welcome to downtown LA yeah I mean who has ever seen literally a truck as a limousine this is a first for me I know something like this existed crazy thank you well this is Carl nice to meet you in the drop-down today most expensive to live and also used to build by 4 years 11 months Wow why did you want this shape is it just streamlines you know the noise or the nose our ears in Armenia when I built this chart this because they know where Armenia they say when they started building this limo they looked at the shape of it and thought these guys are little bit nuts is he trying to build enormous army a lot lol I love them and he said no they are not building Noah’s Ark I’m just building the most expensive limo or in the world naturally yes let’s go to the right okay because we have a live bartender over here every time the limo leaves the parking lot it’s a crystal bartender the bartenders we have another had some DJ’s want to present himself yeah show us what this is what you say come on show us what you can do oh my god it’s fire so this is like literally like a factor like a truck trying to get struck no joke I’m on the offensive trough not really my specialty but I’m gonna learn it’s real okay basically totally from all course yeah so we have the clutch yeah we only need to use this clutch one time the left one yeah yeah so once we go on the second gear sometimes most of the time we child from the second from the first one oh you don’t need to punch into the basket we leave just one time just one time the second gear then we can go to even lots of hypercars but never truck like this and on a little bit of Rahim’s I don’t need a video of this one even though you don’t know how to try yeah please count these guys they’re gonna shop down the street for you Wow guys their police escort they’re gonna shut down the whole street so I can drag this back truck around okay it’s rush hour man Josh are they cause everywhere Apple the rush hour rushes to Russian army music boy this is the fabric which hold the car apply on the brake yeah okay now just to stayed in the customer experience when they get destructed not allowed to drive it right this is not part of them it’s a limo stuff is not a rental car so when you rent this you do actually get a drive off hang on a minute this is great hang on just everyone take freaking breath here I don’t know what I’m doing but this is the gearbox change gear shifter yes that’s just beautiful okay that’s first well thank you sir okay where’s neutral like that okay so first is up here no reverse oh that’s okay and then are we going to then nine sorry this far you see that yeah really what happened oh he was holding this okay he’s gonna be that’s fine that’s fine that’s our dime I mean if we was something like in the country yeah but you downtown LA vanilla might be crazy what do you think about this I think you’re a little crazy just do it but the thing is we’ve got the cops right there yeah we’ve got the cops they’re gonna walk off the road this is the biggest limo in the world peoples are known as a Mack truck limo don’t be jealous are you sure we’re like on that channel or something we are it’s just there’s no trucks or alphaCAT just jealous out the biggest truck in the world biggest in the world are you kidding me I don’t know why I was worried about it why do you work with these guys what’s the what’s the thing they require police to escort because Olympus is a very very big vehicle and to protect a look they have to police motors escort I guess you got some blue lights as well anything unfortunately not we cannot remove awesome thank you you go to home I found the horn it’s the best bit we’re not leaving yet make it it’s the first time she’s about to drive this truck any truck at that size that’s crazy in downtown LA they’re blocking the street there already or booked they just literally blocked all of downtown LA for her to drive this truck there she goes oh she’s grinding it I guess little bit this is a crazy what first love don’t know the plans of gas slowly slowly slowly live it apply on the gas pedal but yeah okay the brakes on yeah right very good again going straight again I know we’re gonna make a run all right okay we’re gonna make a right from here we’re gonna make a right seat they were game blasting in front of me very game people it’s fine totally normal go snake was saying was this bus it’s fine people they get believe it Sivan the CHP is watching us oh my god I’ve never seen anything like it this is mad she’s the best driver ever the NOI survived even be Jamie Dimon regards we survived every son’s name at the best eSports ever the police so let’s chat to them thank you guys so so much you’re awesome wow what an experience being here as well awesome and we had a fun time and will let people get on their merry way now because we literally hold up like for five blocks of traffic for about now so you actually rent this out right yes okay so talk me through how you can actually get on the road with this car so safe I like I’m in town or some mates in LA or maybe with us the biggest limo or used to run the biggest limo and then you come to wherever they want you to come to Vegas the police escort us to stateline Vegas from Vegas we have another please police in export taking us with because it’s because right of course every time we have a wedding yeah you know what’s gonna happen next day I receive phone call from the groom because man this is the flower of my wedding okay so how much is it to play for event for the day starts with 17,000 Empire okay so you can have this truck overseas in worship yeah so basically if I’m injured by and I want this for my you know friends about to be could make it home so say if I have a party in one month’s time in Dubai I have what’s the lead time when do I see a police police two months ahead of Pamela no it’s such an amazing experience mega soma thank you so so much thank you so much and congratulations on such an awesome limo this is the world’s biggest and most expensive limiting this is probably the biggest stretch rolls I’ve ever seen the funny part is that whoever marble shoes on their way will have a marble floor check these now wow this is crazy babe this is awesome though the ultimate party one is the olympus in front of us so we’ve just seen two of the most exclusive limos in the world and you can book it guys go to the biggest limo calm or head to this instagram page right now and you can DM them so in a quick message let them know when you want it and they’ll get back to you here we are we’re over and out super couple on the in Los Angeles baby what an incredible day big thanks to the Los Angeles Police Department as well and to Quran for showing us around and we will see you on the next world somewhere in the world please like and subscribe love you

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